Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Lone Star's Reclamation Plan and CEMEX’s plan?

We believe our plan is environmentally and economically superior to Lone Star’s existing plan. To compare the two plans, click here. 

What are the public benefits included with CEMEX’s Reclamation Plan?

CEMEX’s plan offers more attractive views, habitat restoration, landscaping, a future source of water supply, more jobs and tax revenue, and construction aggregate for years to come. To learn more about the Reclamation Plan, click here. 

Is the public encouraged to be part of the planning process?

Yes, we want you to engage with us in the public process! To get involved, click here . 

What is the quarry doing to reduce dust and track-out?

The quarry has installed timed sprinkler systems on several stock piles that run several times a day throughout the week, has increased overall watering on-site, and will apply a highly effective dust suppressant to the internal quarry roads. To reduce track- out along Mitchell Canyon Road, the frequency of sweeping has increased and a wheel wash will be installed. To learn more about what the quarry is doing for the neighbors, click here

How can I get project updates?

To sign up for project updates, click here.