Quarry Improvements

Quarry Improvements

CEMEX has developed a new Quarry Operations Plan that utilizes some of the best environmental and business practices. Beginning in September of 2018, a number of new measures were implemented to reduce dust and track-out onto Mitchell Canyon Road. Additional mitigations are planned for the coming months.

It is important to note that the operations plan is independent of the CEMEX’s proposed reclamation plan.



The quarry has adopted new practices and made investments that will help mitigate dust emissions such as a recently installed timed sprinkler systems on several stockpiles that run several times a day/seven days a week, and have increased overall watering on-site, including spraying down stockpiles prior to loading material. In addition, a highly effective dust suppressant will be applied to the internal quarry roads more frequently. Also, the height of several stockpiles have been reduced in size in order to reduce exposure to wind.



To reduce track-out on Mitchell Canyon Road, a truck wheel wash will be installed soon and the frequency of street sweeping has been increased.



A landscape architect is working on a plan to beautify the quarry entrance and add more tree screening along Mitchell Canyon Road, which should be completed in the coming months, weather permitting.


To measure whether these new capital and responsible environmental management practices are effective, we would appreciate your continued feedback as we explore additional mitigations. Feel free to contact the quarry manager Jonathan Johnstone directly at jonathans.johnstone@cemex.com or 925.672.4900.

Jon looks forward to getting better acquainted with his neighbors.