Quarry Improvements

Quarry Improvements

CEMEX has developed a new Quarry Operations Plan that utilizes some of the best environmental and business practices.  New equipment has also been purchased in order to reduce fugitive dust and track-out (dirt) onto Mitchell Canyon Road. Since modifications are evolving and being tested, we welcome your feedback.


Dust Reduction

  • In addition to reducing the size of several stockpiles, some stockpiles have been moved from the borders of Mitchell Canyon Road to the interior of the quarry yard.
  • Timed sprinklers are used to water stockpiles which also operate on weekends, and water truck applications are more frequent during dry and windy conditions.
  • A Fugitive Dust Control Plan has been implemented that includes employee training, monitoring, and application of dust control measures including dust suppressant for onsite roads.

Track-Out Reduction

  • As of late 2019, all trucks are required to enter a new wheel wash in order to dislodge dirt and mud from trucks prior to accessing our truck scale and exiting the site. (Watch this wheel wash video.)
  • Improved methods and frequency of street sweeping and began the use of a larger more effective sweeper in the first quarter of 2020.



  • New landscaping added to the quarry entrance.
  • Additional landscaping, trees and berms will be added along Mitchell Canyon Road to screen views of quarry operations and reduce dust and noise.


We Want to Hear from You

To measure whether these new capital and responsible environmental management practices are effective, we would appreciate your continued feedback as we explore additional improvements. Feel free to contact the quarry manager Todd Nixon directly at Todd.Nixon@cemex.com or 925.672.4900.

Todd looks forward to getting better acquainted with his neighbors.