Reclamation Plan

The Reclamation Plan

There will come a day, many years from now, when the quarry has no more aggregate to mine. Reclamation Plans prepare for that day so the quarry can be restored for the benefit of the public and the environment, with concurrent reclamation to occur along the way.

In Contra Costa County, a land use permit is required for reclamation plans, sometimes referred to as restoration plans. CEMEX purchased the quarry from Lone Star in 2005. CEMEX is operating under Lone Star’s 1983 plan and is required to do so until the plan is amended.

Today, CEMEX is in the process of updating the quarry’s reclamation plan with one that is environmentally and economically superior to the existing Lone Star plan. We are confident the Clayton community will come to appreciate its community benefits. We also encourage you to compare the two plans and take a brief survey to let us know whether you prefer the existing Lone Star Plan or the plan as proposed by CEMEX.