NEWS: Contra Costa County Approves CEMEX Amended Reclamation Plan.

NEWS: CEMEX USA to donate 101 acres of land for Mount Diablo State Park. Read more >

Cemex’s Amended Reclamation Plan

Welcome to Clayton Quarry

The Clayton Quarry has been part of your community for over 70 years, providing a valuable source of construction aggregate for Bay Area neighborhoods, businesses, and public infrastructure.

In September of 2022, Contra Costa County approved CEMEX’s proposed amended reclamation plan, a plan that serves as a blueprint for how the quarry will transition to open space many years from now.

The purpose of this website is to keep our neighbors informed of major developments occurring at the Clayton Quarry, most notably the adopted reclamation plan. Feel free to contact us regarding the adopted reclamation plan or quarry operations. We welcome feedback from our neighbors.

Before and After

When you compare CEMEX’s recently approved reclamation plan with the previous plan, you can see why the choice was clear.

For Our Neighbors


CEMEX is committed to being a good community partner and implementing responsible environmental and business practices to reduce dust and track-out on Mitchell Canyon Road.

CEMEX has ongoing plans to upgrade operational equipment, new landscaping and beautification of the site entrance to further improve our neighborhood compatibility.

Reduce Track-Out

Reduce Dust

New Landscaping